Reading God's Word is so important, but it doesn't always come naturally to us. In fact, sometimes it can be downright intimidating. Thankfully, we have a new resources to help with studying the Bible. Nate Pickowicz joined me for today's program to discuss his newest book How to Eat Your Bible. Below is a timestamped outline of the interview, as well as links for the book. 

TS 00:02:40 - Why is it important to study our Bibles rather than skim it?


TS 00:05:10 - How can leaders/husbands encourage their families to study the Word?


TS 00:08:50 - What book do you recommend we start with, and what is your 7 year plan?


TS 00:13:10 - What does it mean to read our Bibles in context?


TS 00:15:30 - Have you had seasons where you struggled with studying Scripture?


TS 00:18:50 - Is there a point where a dislike for reading Scripture is a concern over salvation?


TS 00:22:15 - Does the style of this book work for study groups?


TS 00:25:00 - What is your favorite helper for studying Scripture?


TS 00:27:50 - What is important about memorizing God’s Word and what has helped you with that?


TS 00:32:30 - Is God still speaking today?


TS 00:38:15 - Any new projects coming up?


TS 00:39:45 - Just one goofy question: What is the weirdest question any of your kiddo’s have asked you during studying Scripture?


Links for more information about How to Eat Your Bible:


Links to find Nate on Social Media:





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