A few weeks ago I got a call from Kristin Everett, yup that Kristin Everett! The one whose totally a TikTok star but argues with me every time I say s...View Details

Join me for a conversation with my dear friend, and brother, Samuel Sey. We will discuss Black Lives Matter, and Critical Race Theory. Read Samuel Sey...View Details

The Root & Fruit Podcast  is a weekly podcast featuring conversations with other Christians  on church, community and culture all through a biblic...View Details

This was one of those topics that I had to drag my brother bee Patrick from Cave to the Cross into, because it's too much fun not to! I am seriously s...View Details

For our 100th episode here on Tulips & Honey we have a very special guest joining the program today! It was such a privilege to have Dr. Josh Buic...View Details

Most of you know, by now, that I spent over a decade as a false convert in the WoF movement. When God graciously saved me, I had to work through the b...View Details

I’m so excited to have Kristin Everett back in the program today to discuss the most frequently misused and abused Scriptures. First, we work out how ...View Details

We've been discussing the issues with women's ministry since this podcast began, with churches experiencing women's Bible studies either plagued by ba...View Details

I'm so excited to have Alexis back on for part 2 of this interview. In Part 1 she discussed the ins and outs of the UPC, detailing the many ways in wh...View Details

I was so blessed to have a special guest on my program today! Alexis Beach is a TikTok rockstar and was kind enough to share her journey leaving the U...View Details

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