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Pastor Edward Ramirez from Breath of Life Church explains the T in T.U.L.I.P. Total Depravity.  For More information you can visit Breath of Life's we...View Details

DISCLAIMER: Unfortunately, this episode had several technical glitches, so if you hear something odd, I'm gonna blame it on that. ;) [One of those sai...View Details

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Hello everyone! Today Zach and Emily give a brief overview on toxic/cancel culture (Emily is of the mind that they can be used almost interchangeably)...View Details

It was such a joy to talk with Jordan Riggle about his work with creating audio books to help believers grow in sanctification.    Jodan Riggle Audio ...View Details

The title pretty much spells out this entire episode. Legalism is not obedience. Though it may appear godly and obedient to God, it is far from pleasi...View Details

It was such an honor to be joined by the creative genius behind RefToons, Paul and Stephanie Cox! TS 00:01:00 Is it all Digital art or do you use othe...View Details

This was a completely off-the-cuff sort of episode. I was originally planning on getting into some topics that have been on my mind for awhile. But, n...View Details

Hello, everyone! Praise God that we have Zach back in the recording chair with Emily. Amidst many laughs, you'll hear us talking about redeeming the t...View Details