We were honored to have the opportunity to interview Dawain Atkinson from The B.A.R. Podcast! Get to know the man behind all the fascinating interviews, as the gals ask him about his testimony, podcasting, and his own ending questions. Below is a timestamped outline of today's episode.


  • Both Lauren and Becca were on the Bar Network with Dawain

    • http://thebarpodcast.com/index.php/the-bar-network/
  • How did you find us? TS 00:02:00


  1. What interviews have been the scariest for you? TS 00:05:10

    • What was the funniest?

      • https://podcasts.apple.com/om/podcast/bonus-bar-from-doc-devo-2018-con/id1094772652?i=1000410100251
  2. Testimony TS 00:10:20
  3. When did you start your podcast? TS 00:22:15
  4. Did you detox off WoF doctrines? TS 00:23:50
  5. How can we help our music ministry not feel disconnected from worship? TS 00:25:25
  6. How did you feel going from Baptist to 5 Fold? TS 00:30:00
  7. What was helpful when coming out of the WoF movement? Sermon? A friend? Church? Sermon? TS 00:31:45
  8. BarNetwork TS 00:46:45
  9. Advice to others? TS 00:52:00
    • Link to SideBar - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dawains-sidebar/id1330679017



  1. What music are you listening to?
  2. What book or books are you reading?
  3. What podcasts or sermon do you listen to?

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