Most of you know, by now, that I spent over a decade as a false convert in the WoF movement. When God graciously saved me, I had to work through the bad theology I had been taught, and part of that was dealing with Signs and Wonders. Today's episode explains how I can to the conclusion that Cessationism is Biblical.

TS 00:08:00 - Cessessionism definition

TS 00:08:22 - Continuitionism definition

TS 00:11:25 - Two types of Miracles in Scripture:

God preforming miracles or God preforming miracles through men.

TS 00:14:45 - Dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark

a. Answers in Genesis:

b. My episode on Dinosaurs:

TS 00:15:40 - What is the difference between Miracles and Providence

TS 00:17:05 - Providence definition

TS 00:18:35 - Why does God allow miracles?

TS 00:25:00 - Did a prophet in the Bible get it wrong? 



TS 00:26:45 - Prophecy of Election episode:

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