Being a homemaker is difficult, being a thankful homemaker? That takes the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit sanctifying believers! Today I'm joined by blogger/podcaster Marci Ferrell from The Thankful Homemaker, a podcast under The Bar Network. We talk about her testimony, her journey to writing and podcasting, teaching women theology, and so much more! 

13:00 - What came first the blog or the podcast?

15:30 - When did you start up a YouTube?

17:50 - How did you choose your name?

21:30 - Who is your favorite teacher or preacher?

25:40 - How important is it for women to learn theology and why?

31:45 - How can we practically teach theology to our children?

37:55 - Do you recommend men listen to your podcast since you teach through Scripture?

44:15 - Tell us about your new Bite Size episodes?

48:15 - You’re doing a series right now on the Sermon on the Mount, what prompted you to do this?

53:00 - After this series, do you have any plans for next?

58:00 - What kind of encouragement do you have for someone considering starting a blog/podcast/YouTube?

01:02:30 - How can the listeners be praying for you?


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