I had the privilege of being joined by our resident Brother-Bee to discuss some very difficult subjects. Theocracy, theonomy, autonomy, and Christian anarchy are the main subjects although we through in a few others. I hope this discussion is as helpful, and fascinating, for everyone else as it was for me!

TS 00:03:30 - 20 articles from https://www.monergism.com/topics/theonomy

TS 00:04:20 - Are you seeing a lot of unrest in Michigan?

TS 00:05:20 - Squirrel of how I freaked out over a CIA family friend.

TS 00:09:20 - What’s coming up on C2TCA

TS 00:11:30 - Beginning the discussions on Theonomy VS Autonomy

TS 00:12:00 - Theonomy and Autonomy definition

TS 00:19:00 - What makes people so passionate about this topic? Episode 17 of C2TCA: https://cavetothecross.com/ep17/

C2TCA Interview with GotQuestions: https://cavetothecross.com/ep91/

Steamrolling discussed: https://cavetothecross.com/ep90/

TS 00:26:30 - What is the difference between Theonomy and Theocracy?

TS 00:30:25 - Have we ever seen Theocracy work?

TS 00:36:30 - How do we respond to those who say we can’t impose our religion on them?

TS 00:40:30 - Please explain what Anarcho-Christian means.

TS 01:12:00 - What is going on with Hong Kong?

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