Alongside the topic of Biblical Creationism, I absolutely adore Biblical Archeology. These two subjects are my favorite to research, so I was so excited to get the chance to discuss archeology after recording a couple of episodes about creationism. Today I delve into the errors of Egyptian timelines, the digs that have census and even a few of the ones that are still up for debate. I hope this one will be just as edifying as the others! As usual, there's a timestamped outline below, as well as some article links for further research on this topic.

TS 00:06:00 - Explaining the different types of Apologetics

TS 00:06:27 - What is Evidential Apologetics?

TS 00:06:47 - What is Classical Apologetics?

TS 00:09:15 - What is Presuppositional Apologetics?

TS 00:10:57 - What does Apologetics mean?

TS 00:16:00 - What is the Gospel?

TS 00:19:37 - What is Archeology?

TS 00:19:53 - What is Paleontology?

TS 00:21:00 - Biblical Archeological sites that are not contested.

Such as the City of David, Ai, Orr, Niniveh, and Jericho

TS 00:31:00 - The Isaiah stamp

TS 00:32:15 - The archeological timeline of Egyptology 

TS 00:35:15 - Manetho’s writing causes issues in the timeline

TS 00:37:23 - Champollion and early Egyptologists get a few things mixed up

TS 00:43:10 - Correcting the timeline

TS 00:47:10 - Where is Sodom?

TS 00:48:40 - What about Noah’s Ark?

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