Today's episode is going to be a lot different than the previous ones. For starters, this one is just me, no co-host or guest to interview. I'm not sure how I stayed on track but if you want the blooper reel you'll see that, well, it was a painful process. This time I decided to go with a topic that I absolutely love, which you'll all know and remember if you've followed me for a long time. Dinosaurs! Ok, I went a lot further than just dinosaurs. But I mean, that's the start of the conversation. I got into fossils, evolution, creation, apologetics, and presuppositionalism as well. It's packed full of information, so the timeline below includes a large amount of references, articles, and resources.

TS - 00:10:00 - Carl Sagon’s book on dragon legends


Article referencing Sagan’s book and detailing this issue:


Articles regarding men and dinosaurs:


TS - 00:10:45 - Laws of Information:


TS - 00:13:30 - Dragon Legends: Articles explaining these legends…


TS - 00:17:30 - Circular reasoning in dating dinosaurs. Articles explaining the errors here, and a reference for the charts used in this portion of today’s episode:


Article explaining how fossils can form quickly:


TS - 00:25:00 - Fossils found with tissue still intact. Articles explaining soft tissue fossils, as well as fossils with tissue still intact in further detail:


TS - 00:28:30 - Human footprints alongside dinosaur footprints. Articles regarding the dinosaur tracts:


TS - 00:42:45 - Carbon dating. Articles explaining the issues with current dating methods:


TS - 00:45:00 - Apologetics and Presuppositionalism. How to Answer the Fool:

Astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle’s Ultimate Proof of Creation:


My Book Review of The Ultimate Proof of Creation:


LivingWaters Evolution Vs. God:


Why Does it Matter?


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