From death to life! Today our guest, Erin Coates, tells how God graciously saved her from drugs, partying, and abortion. She now directs the women's ministry at her church as a pastors wife and a homeschooling mom. She has a heart and passion for the truth of Gods Word to be taught to women! Erin will be a featured speaker at Brooke Bartz free online Women's Conference Open Hearts in a Lost World.

TS 00:01:37 - Erin shares her testimony

TS 00:16:00 - We talk about abortion, and forgiveness

TS 00:29:30 - How did you end up in women's ministry?

TS 00:36:50 - What led you to run the women's ministry in such a God glorifying way?

TS 00:40:40 Should a younger woman teach an older woman if the younger has been in faith longer?

TS 00:45:00 - How can we address unbiblical teaching in our own churches?

TS 00:51:55 - We talk about the upcoming Women's conference Erin will be speaking in, Open Hearts in a Closed World

TS 00:57:55 - How can we be praying for Erin?

TS 01:00:00 - Silly Questions

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