It was such a joy to talk with Jordan Riggle about his work with creating audio books to help believers grow in sanctification. 


Jodan Riggle Audio Books:


TS 00:01:45 - Jordan shares his testimony of faith


TS 00:10:00 - What could someone have said to you at that time that would have helped?


TS 00:14:25 - What brought you to making audio books?


TS 00:26:30 - Tell us about the experience that you had to prepare you for audio books.


TS 00:29:30 - Your best commercial voice?


TS 00:30:30 - What books will we find on your website, and what’s your favorite?


TS 00:37:15 - What books are next?


TS 00:42:45 - What would you say to someone who thinks we don’t need to be reading audio books, but just read Scripture?


TS 00:48:25 - If you could meet any of these people we’ve talked about who would it be?


TS 00:52:45 - Would you ever eat roasted grasshoppers?


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