We're all going to struggle at one point or another in our life, is God sovereign over that pain, sorrow, struggle? And what do we do with that Biblical truth? Humblebee's, today's episode features a very special guest, our dear sister-in-Christ, and author, Brooke Bartz. Mrs. Bartz, author of Chronic Love: Trusting God While Suffering With a Chronic Illness, has been struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis for several years now. This led her to write the book we'll be discussing today, after she looked around and noticed that most of the "Christian" books on the subject were not actually helpful for those in daily pain. We talked about the background of her book, her testimony, how she met and married her husband, her chronic illness, and God's sovereignty over everything she has been through. Below is a timestamped outline for ease of travel through this conversation.


Brooke Bartz

· Author

· Instagrammer: @justbrookebartz

· Book $16.99 on amazon · https://www.amazon.com/Chronic-Love-Trusting-Suffering-Illness/dp/1620209241/ref=nodl_



1. Why did you decide to write this book? TS - 00:03:00

2. Testimony TS - 00:07:00

a. When and how you heard the gospel

b. When and how did you become writer?

c. What chronic illness and pain do you have?

i. For how long?

ii. What were the first symptoms like?

3. What are some scriptures that have been the most helpful to you during times of pain and suffering?

4. What ways we can be suffering well? 00:44:00

a. In the church?

b. With our families?

c. With our friends?

d. At work?

5. What’s your favorite chapter in your current book? TS - 00:54:15

6. Do you have a favorite quote from the book? TS - 00:56:38

7. What have been some books/teachers/sermons that have been helpful to you in terms of suffering and personal growth as a Christian in general? TS - 01:00:28

8. Upcoming Young Adult Christian Fiction Series. TS - 01:05:15

a. Godly Ever After

Shenanigans 01:10:35


· Lauren’s Silly Question: If you could be any fictional character, who would you be?

· Becca’s Silly Question: What is your favorite line from a movie?


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