Last week I gave a quick overview of the main Eschatological views, this week I'm discussing their strengths, weaknesses, and where I stand. I had a lot of fun researching for this episode, this is one of those topics that seems limitless in variations, possibilities, and consequences. So, I'm quite sure I'll be learning and growing in this particular corner of the Theo-verse until I'm called home to glory! Below is a timestamped outline as well as links to anything mentioned. 

TS 00:12:30 - Correction on Voddie Baucham being Amil not PostMil

The Great Unveiling by Michael Kelley:

TS 00:19:45 -  Beginning the actual conversation, LOL

TS 00:23:20 - Two opinions on when Revelation was written

TS 00:26:35 - Articles on Irenaeus:

TS 00:35:10 - Flavius Josephus:

The Last Days According to Jesus by R. C. Sproul:

TS 00:52:45 - Issue of Interpretation

TS 01:03:05 - PreMil Strengths and Weaknesses

TS 01:09:00 - PostMil Strengths and Weaknesses

TS 01:20:20 - Amil Strengths and Weaknesses

TS 01:24:55 - Where do I stand?

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