The topic of eschatology is one that I have enjoyed learning about, but have found it difficult to grasp all the different opinions. So I was really very thankful for the opportunity to dig deeper. No matter how deep I dug, I still didn't hit the bottom...or even close. Instead, I recorded this episode giving a basic explanation of each viewpoint. Hopefully, this will be helpful for y'all, and if I've gotten anything wrong please let me know! Below is a timestamped outline as well as a couple links for future study.


TS 00:17:40 - Etymology of Eschatology


TS 00:25:35 - Etymology of Millennialism


TS 00:27:05 - Etymology of Parousia


TS 00:28:25 - Premillennialism


TS 00:42:10 - Amillennialism


TS 00:45:10 - Postmillennialism


The Last Days According to Jesus by R. C. Sproul:


Book Review: The Wars of the Jews by Flavius Josephus:


R. C. Sproul's lectures on Eschatology:


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