The title pretty much spells out this entire episode.

Legalism is not obedience.

Though it may appear godly and obedient to God, it is far from pleasing to Him.

But let me explain WHY... [ This is your cue to press play! ;) ]


IMPORTANT CAVEAT: While the subject matter of this episode is not directed to either gender specifically, I feel the need to inform any male listeners of Always, Only that I chose to walk through a larger passage of Scripture in this one. Because of this (and Biblical instructions like 1 Timothy 2:12), I am a little more hesitant to encourage men to listen to this particular episode. That said, I leave the decision up to you. Please proceed according to your own convictions.


Bible Passages Referenced: Matthew 23, Matthew 22:34-40

Listen to Daily Reformation's episode, 'Obedience is NOT Legalism!', HERE.



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P.S. By the way, I finally figured out that word I was looking for (and agonizing over) – ABSURDITY. *sigh* You can’t get ‘em all I suppose…

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