This was a completely off-the-cuff sort of episode.

I was originally planning on getting into some topics that have been on my mind for awhile. But, nope. I guess those episodes will be coming later. ;)

At the time I recorded this one, it was mid-week and I was starting to really feel the pressure of many other responsibilities, commitments, ideas, projects, etc... that I had on the go.

I got to the point where the stress & overwhelm was just too much and I had to get realistic with myself in order to move forward.

This episode is my explanation of how I do exactly that -- how I refocus, figure out what truly matters, and start gettin' back to work.

Hope this method helps you out too!

There were a number of resources/links mentioned in this episode...

  1. my blog post on Christian productivity:
  2. my Patreon page:
  3. my weekly newsletter:
  4. the James Bible study on Instagram:
  5. my blog post on this year's gardening aspirations:


The most important thing to remember when you prioritize: Look to Scripture to understand what God says your priorities should be.


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