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This is an interview with our brother Heshimu Colar. Heshimu is in Africa spreading the gospel and planting seeds. This episode gives you knowledge ab...View Details

The gals had the privilege of interviewing Sonny and Matt from The RazaReforma Podcast. They discussed their testimony, podcasting, church work during...View Details

I had the privilege to interview our brother Michael Coughlin. Michael does street preaching in Ohio, and leads local outreaches to glorify our Lord. ...View Details

Hello everyone! Today Zach and Emily discuss the dangers of pragmatism in the Christian Church. This may be our most controversial episode yet!   Our ...View Details

In this episode we are discussing over the topic of peer pressure, and how it affects our children.  We go over what the Bible states about peer press...View Details

We're all going to struggle at one point or another in our life, is God sovereign over that pain, sorrow, struggle? And what do we do with that Biblic...View Details

Paul and Emily Massey, two dear believers who worked for Joyce Meyer's, have decided that they would rather have Jesus. You can learn more about that ...View Details

This is our latest episode entitled Delcare and Decree. We all have family or friends who sometimes think they can speak things into existence. What d...View Details

Well, Lauren and Becca certainly hope to be bringing you a Valentines Day episode unlike any others you're likely to hear this year. Historical facts,...View Details

The title Full Gospel sounds like it would be a good thing, but is it? And do Lauren and Becca believe in it? Outline below, Humblebee's. Introduction...View Details

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