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The path into Progressive Christianity was just as painful as the way out, but Jessica Clement was brought through by the grace of God. Join Kristin E...View Details

While we're on vacation I thought you'd all enjoy a re-run, one of my favorite interviews, Ray Comfort! 

Part two of this fantastic series combining two of your favorite co-hosts, Patrick and Kristin here in one perfect package of theological goodies. In ...View Details

It was such a privilege to have Lee, the epic champion of Revived Studio’s Church History Trivia night, host of Reformed Meditations, and wonderful br...View Details

This is the second part of this two part series, if you haven't heard last weeks episode this episode will make more sense if you listen to last weeks...View Details

I had the privilege of having Dave Jenkins from Servants of Grace on the program again for this two part discussion on interpretation. There's a times...View Details

On this episode of The Root and Fruit Podcast we are premiering our first episode of a brand new series titled : “What God’s Word Says About False Rel...View Details

Today on the Root and Fruit Podcast , Paul Taugtes joins us for an interview. Paul Tautges serves as senior pastor of Cornerstone Community Church in ...View Details

Throughout church history there has been a consistent, if not defective, tendency to attempt to fix the problems within by forcing goats to behave lik...View Details

Part two of Homeschooling with Pam, my sister who has been homeschooling for over 10 years. If you'd like more information about Lo you can check out ...View Details

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